Watching a comedy film or movie is always amazing, whether to enjoy a few moments in life or take your mind off a hard day at the workplace. People hardly notice a time of day unfit for enjoying some laugh-like-drain films. Secondly, most Telugu latest movies have done a marvellous job of winning over the audience by adroitly deluging them with gentle and delightful moments. Similarly, Pushpaka vimanam, SR Kalyanamandapam, and Thellavarithe Guruvaram are few Telugu cinema industry’s all-time popular comedy movies.

Top comedy movies of 2022

  1. Pushpaka Vimanam

The story circumambulates the lives of a government school teacher Chittilanka Sundar and his wife, Meenakshi, who marries him only for a couple of days. Additionally, Chittilanka tries to conceal the truth that Meenakshi has eloped. But the more he tries, the more trapped he finds himself.

  1. SR Kalyanamandapam

The film narrates a story occurring in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The story elaborates on a beautiful love story of a millennial engineering student Kalyan with his classmate Sindhu and the relationship he shares with his father. Will he ever be able to win his love and mend the relationship he shares with his father?

  1. Thellivarithe Guruvaram

The story revolves around a couple who barely know each other and are about to enter wedlock the next day. The previous evening, people around them understood that they were least interested in each other and were planning to elope. Unfortunately, the plan does not fall in the right place, and they are compelled to spend the night together. Will they discern the fact that they are made for each other?

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